Whole Wheat Dumpling Wrappers

Whole wheat dumpling wrappers recipe

Did you know that you can easily make dumpling wrappers? Especially if you want to use whole wheat or even better with home milled flour, this is for YOU! In this recipe, I blended spinach so that it is more nutritious. A good way to consume green leafy vegetables.

Does that sound interesting? Let's get started.








Around 24 wrappings

  • 1cup whole wheat flour

  • 1cup whole wheat pastry flour

  • ( or if milling, 113g white hard wheat + 113g white soft wheat + some extra for rolling )

  • Pinch of salt

  • Handful spinach

  • 1 cup hot water

  • Some corn starch




  1. Blend spinach and water

  2. Mix spinach liquid and ww flour

  3. Knead until smooth

  4. Cover and set aside

  5. If milling, grind finely white hard wheat and white soft wheat. Also need some extra for rolling

  6. Place flour in a bowl and make a well

  7. Pour half of spinach and hot water and mix

  8. Add the rest of liquid and mix

  9. Knead until smooth. Adjust consistency if needed. If too sticky add more flour, if too dry add some water.

  10. Place in a container and cover. Let rest for 30minutes

  11. Remove from a container and cut into fourth

  12. Form a round ball and cover with plastic wrap

  13. Make a log shape and cut into sixth. (If you like thinner wrappers, cut into 8) Roll in your palm and make a ball

  14. Using a rolling pin, stretch the dough into a desired thickness. Sprinkle some corn starch to prevent sticking to a rolling pin if needed

  15. This is an optional but you can trim uneven edge with a cookie cutter

  16. Dust with a generous amount of cornstarch to prevent it from sticking.

  17. Be sure to cover with plastic wrap. If not using right away, pile up and wrap tightly.